Denis Coderre and Valérie Plante undertake to create a lease register

The two main candidates for mayor of Montreal, Valerie Plante and Denis Coderre, intend to set up a register of residential leases if they are elected on November 7.

In the case of Projet Montréal, however, this register would be limited to buildings with eight units or more in the context of a “responsible owner” certification. To fight against insalubrity, his opponent of Ensemble Montreal suggests for his part to impose a tax on negligent owners.

The two rivals were meeting with media representatives on Monday morning. Denis Coderre unveiled the outline of his electoral platform. In addition to the establishment of a registry of leases, his party promises to put in place a plan to fight against unsanitary housing by obliging commercial owners in particular to carry out an independent inspection of housing over 20 years old. Ensemble Montréal is also proposing to increase fines, impose a tax on insalubrity and increase the number of inspections and inspectors.

A Coderre administration would also abolish the regulation for a mixed metropolis (also known as regulation 20-20-20) of the Plante administration to instead work to establish an inclusion policy throughout the territory of the Metropolitan Community. of Montreal (CMM) – and not only the territory of Montreal – in order to force real estate developers to include 15% of social housing in their major projects.

Certification for owners

For her part, Valérie Plante unveiled a certification project that would be imposed on owners of buildings with eight or more dwellings. This measure aims to collect information such as the amount of rent paid by tenants and to validate the condition of buildings. Pest management plans would be required from homeowners and homeowners should report on the presence of mold and the compliance of fire systems.

This information would be accessible in open data in order to help tenants in their search for housing.

The certification would be renewable every five years and owners who rented homes without holding this permit would be subject to monthly fines. Projet Montréal says it was inspired by the certification models implemented in other large cities, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Boston and New York, to develop its plan.

Portable cameras

For its part, the electoral platform unveiled by Ensemble Montreal also plans to equip the police with portable cameras in the first year of the mandate of a new administration of Denis Coderre. “Handheld cameras have been part of the discourse of the current administration. We are going to do it and in the first year, ”said Guillaume Lavoie, candidate for mayor of Villeray – Saint-Michel – Parc-Extension and responsible for developing the party’s electoral platform.

The City must be able to manage the school building stock, also believes Ensemble Montreal, which considers “brick and concrete as community facilities”. Denis Coderre, who has been talking about this wish for years, believes that Quebec could be open to this proposal. “My pif tells me that I am removing a thorn in the side,” he said.

The candidate for mayor of Montreal suggests that this transfer of management of school buildings would make it possible to retain families in Montreal and according to him, the City is better placed to maintain this aging building stock: “The mushrooms in the schools, I want that. they are in the plates, not in the ceilings. “

Two animal shelters

Ensemble Montreal also wants to make Montreal an “animal-friendly” city with the creation of two new animal shelters, one in the east of the island and the other in the west, and undertakes not to create a regulations for dogs based on their breed, which is in contrast to the 2016 pit bull rule adopted by the former Coderre administration. “It was a mistake,” admitted the conductor of Ensemble Montreal on Monday.

The aspiring mayor also wants to make the east of Montreal the “green Silicon Valley of Quebec” with an ecological shopping center, start-up green and eco-responsible homes based on the social and circular economy.

In terms of transport, Denis Coderre’s party intends to perpetuate river shuttles and put others in place. He also promises to develop an “ambitious” mobility plan and insists on the importance of carrying out the major projects already underway, such as the extension of the blue line, the rapid bus service on Boulevard Pie-IX and the link towards Lachine. The public transport offer must also be well adapted to the reality of Montrealers, underlined Guillaume Lavoie. “We will not do the heavy mode fetish: it will be the right mode, in the right place, at the right time,” he said. “And a bus every 10 minutes is not three buses every half hour. In this regard, Ensemble Montréal is committed to creating a “quality commitment charter”.

Denis Coderre also wants tree-less streets to be a thing of the past and his administration, if it is brought to power, will continue the process of recognizing the heritage status of Mount Royal at UNESCO.

Over the next few weeks, Ensemble Montréal will present detailed plans for each element of its electoral platform.

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