Mayor Bruno Marchand refuses to take credit for the smooth running of the last demonstrations of the weekend and invites citizens to salute the work of City employees.

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On his Facebook page, Monday morning, the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, posted a short video in which he praises the work of municipal employees, who “made the difference”.

“If you think that the demonstration at the end of the week went well, I want to say that it is not because of me, he launches. I got way too much media credit for what I deserve. The real heroes and heroines of this weekend are our employees, they are our police officers.

The mayor invites citizens to show their satisfaction by greeting the employees themselves. Whether it’s people from public works, roads, snow removal, the police or the Capital Transport Network. “If you agree with me, when you come across them, at a bend in the road, give them a thumbs up. Thank you gang, we are proud of you. We are proud that you are City employees.”

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