Deliveroo France and three of its former leaders sent back to correctional services for undeclared work

The company is accused of having “Concealed a large number of jobs”. The meal delivery platform Deliveroo and three of its former executives are summoned to appear before the Paris Criminal Court for ” hidden work “, according to sources familiar with the matter, Monday, September 20. The three former executives of Deliveroo France, including its former CEO, are summoned to court from March 8 to 16, 2022 for facts dating back to the period 2015-2017.

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The prosecution suspects Deliveroo and some of its former executives of having “Resorted to thousands of workers under a so-called independent status via commercial contracts, while these were placed in a link of permanent legal subordination towards him, as the labor inspectorate had noted in a report of December 2017 ”.

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Since May 2018, the platform had been the subject of a preliminary investigation entrusted to the Central Office for the Fight against Illegal Work (OCLTI).

“Since its beginnings in France, the company Deliveroo France has operated as a digital platform for connecting with independent delivery partners, in a completely transparent manner, claimed and in strict compliance with legal provisions”, reacted the company in a press release. “All the court decisions rendered definitively in France have been favorable to Deliveroo France”, assures the company.

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“A giant leap against uberization”

And to add that she approached “Therefore with confidence this hearing which will allow him to demonstrate the unfounded character [des faits reprochés] and will continue to advocate for this model which corresponds to the aspirations of the vast majority of delivery partners ”.

Kevin Mention, lawyer for several complainants in this case, greeted on Facebook “A small step” in this kind of files “But a giant leap against uberization”.

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As part of this investigation, justice proceeded to the seizure as a precaution of three million euros on the French bank account of the company, a sum corresponding to part of the social contributions that the company is suspected of not having. have acquitted during the period 2015-2016.

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