Delafé and Las Flores Azules have reunited seven years after starting a separate career and will soon start a tour, as reported by the band on Monday.

Oscar d’Aniello (Delafé) and Helena Miquel (The Blue Flowers) they will perform some of their best-known songs live again, like ‘Mar el poder del mar’, ‘La primavera’ or ‘Espíritu Santo’, on a tour whose dates will be announced tomorrow.

The group took its first steps in trio format in 2002 under the name Facto Delafé and Las Flores Azules and his first hit was ‘Mar el poder del mar’, which became viral.

In 2010 Delafé y Las Flores Azules became a duet and, with the instrumental bases of Dani Acedo and the production of The Pinker Tones, they published ‘vs Las Trumpetas de la Muerte’, which includes songs like ‘Espíritu Santo’, ‘La Primavera’ or ‘Río por no llorar’.

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The halftime hip hop accompanied by sweet melodies and traditional lyrics that was consolidated in those years will return to the stage in 2022, after seven years during which Oscar d’Aniello and Helena Miquel have pursued solo careers.

The tour will relive the successes of the band, along with Dani Acedo and the formation of musicians with whom they presented ‘vs Las Trumpetas de la muerte’.

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