Defense Secretary Warns Al-Qaeda Could Rearm In Afghanistan

FORECAST. Lloyd Austin left open the possibility that the terrorist group could act again / EFE

This Thursday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin warned that the international community is watching with great interest what happens in Afghanistan and how the return of the Taliban to power could translate into a second wind for the terrorist group Al-Qaeda to rearmament .

Because it is important?: Although the cell was inactive for a long time, the gradual return of the Taliban to finally seize power in Kabul in mid-August could open the door to terrorists there, especially after the withdrawal of US troops.

  • Despite the warning, Austin said the United States is prepared to prevent extremists from resuming their activities.
  • In the opinion of the Secretary of Defense, the regeneration of Al-Qaeda would bring great risk to the world.

What do they say?: “I think the whole community is watching to see what happens and if Al-Qaeda has the capacity to regenerate in Afghanistan,” Austin said after a four-day trip to the Persian Gulf.

  • According to the official, “the nature of Al-Qaeda and ISIS-K is that they will always try to find a space to grow and regenerate.”
  • Between 1996 and 2001, when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, the terrorist group operated in the country.

Main source of the news: The Hill

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