Defense Secretary: The New Taliban Government Is “More of the Same”

The United States has seen no evidence that the new Taliban government is as inclusive as promised, and it appears to be “more of the same” with “many of the same players,” according to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Because it is important? The Secretary of Defense reacted to the announcements of the interim government of the Taliban regime, and considered that they are the same actors that have been part of the extremist group for years.

  • The new Taliban government includes members of the Haqqani network, including the group’s de facto leader, Sirajuddin Haqqani, who was appointed interior minister.
  • The Haqqani network has been directly linked to the violent attacks against US troops over the past two decades.

What do they say? “I think the entire international community was hopeful that they would be inclusive, as they said weeks and months ago,” Austin told a small group of journalists traveling with him to the Middle East.

  • Austin asserted that the United States and the international community will continue to observe what the regime does, which “now seems to be more of the same.”
  • The official said the United States has “put the Taliban on notice” by telling them that it hopes they will not allow the regeneration of AlQaeda, something that, according to him, would show that “they are serious about being a government of good faith.”
  • The Pentagon leader affirmed that the armed forces will confront any terrorist threat against the United States with their counter-terrorist drone strike capabilities.

Main source of the news: ABC News

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