Tras warns that the decree that seeks the regulation of illegal vehicles could extend to the rest of the units in the country – currently example 10 states-, the automotive industry in Mexico claims that it will enter into force affects 960,000 employees in the sector.

“It is a direct blow to the people who recognize the 19.4% of the GDP of the manufacturer, as the state of law and the trust deposited by investment investors in Mexico”, said the President of the Mexican Automobile Industry Association (AMIA), José Zozaya.

The majority of the vehicles that are illegally entered into the country do not guarantee the compliance of the standards and standards of quality and maintenance with the adequate safety devices that allow to preserve the benefit of the citizen, explained.

In agreement with the manufacturers of light vehicles, the regulation of vehicles that are encumbered with the quality of contraband, will allow the introduction of so many or more vehicles that are currently circulating illegally in the national territory, should also be considered treat highly contaminated vehicles.

The President of the Automotive Industry Reiterates that the Decree published by the Secretariat of Hacienda, the 19th of January, does not just mention the regularization, meaning that it has been translated into the legitimacy and possibility of initiative being extended by all country, replicating the violation of the State of Derech to all the national territory.

As an industry, we are responsible for the importation of vehicles used in conjunction with the requirements set forth in the Decree governing their importation and guaranteeing the fundamental rights of the Mexicans as well as the precautionary measures.

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“The process of regulating international vehicles illegally in the country, in contrast to the possible impact on Mexican workers, the medium, the economy, vital security and public health in our country,” he said.

Assimilation, with the issuance of this Decree generates affections in the internal market which are reflected in a reduction in the collection of taxes, such as the Impaired Value Assessment (IVA), Tax on the Rent (ISR) or the Interest About New Automobiles (ISAN).

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