“Deconfined! »Looks pretty for his second season on LCP


“Deconfined! “Is a product directly derived from the pandemic and the various confinements experienced by the French since March 2020, and, more particularly, by the prison populations, hit by a double sentence – prison and health – as part of their imprisonment for more or less. shorter course.

Presented on The Parliamentary Channel (LCP) of the National Assembly by Maïtena Biraben, a first season of four episodes, inaugurated on April 10, 2020, was aimed at “To all those who are or who feel locked up”. The second was offered, also in four episodes, to “Tell the story of prison and the place of culture, because culture is freedom”.

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The shortcut culture-freedom can, at first glance, seem like nothing on the phone, and the concept resembles a Spanish hostel. But, in view of the various sequences of the magazine, we understand that the beautiful word freedom is not in vain in this context. This program, very rubricated, also offers a sequence “cooking in prison”, exercise advice in a small space, music (song and rap), “reading sheets” written by prisoners and a host of interviews with authors, judges, executives and other employees of the French prison system.

Moving sequences

The last program, which takes place in the nave of the Musée d’Orsay, proposed in June, and which LCP is rebroadcasting this fall, is probably not the best of those hosted by the former journalist of Canal + and host of “Maternelles », On France 5. But other numbers, available online, abound in exciting and often moving sequences – including the one in which we see Henri Leclerc, veteran of the Paris bar, weeping at the evocation of the double confinement experienced by those behind bars.

The number From the Rennes prison for women to the Palace of Versailles (rebroadcast on Saturday, September 25 at 12:32 a.m.) is especially touching. Maïtena Biraben knows how to ask very direct questions while establishing a softness in the exchange. This is evidenced by the stories of these imprisoned women who depict with astonishing frankness what tenderness and sexuality are in prison. The remarks of the director of the premises about this taboo subject are, in addition, of an intelligent and delicate finesse.

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A best of season 1 is also offered, where many sequences give free and sometimes critical words on the state of the French prison system. Sequences between which are inserted the antics of Maïtena Biraben (“In the long run, it’s heavy, I know”, she says at the end of Show 3 of Season 2), which tries to give these serious and poignant subjects a little whimsy.

Deconfined!, presented by Maïtena Biraben (Fr., 2021, 52 min.). All programs are available on Lcp.fr


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