Debate in English: Trudeau calls for an apology from the consortium

The Liberal Leader Justin trudeau now in turn calls for an apology from the consortium that organized the debate in English last week for the issue in which the moderator amalgamated racism, discrimination, law on secularism and reform of the Charter of the French language.

This is a toughening of tone on the part of Mr. Trudeau, who until now had contented himself with qualifying this question as unacceptable.

While in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the Liberal leader said it “would be important for the consortium to explain and apologize”. He reiterated that “Quebecers are not racist” and said that “to make statements, as was included in this question, it is not useful for the country and it is insulting for Quebecers”.

The Quebec National Assembly unanimously adopted two motions on Tuesday. The first, from Quebec Liberal Party, aimed to denounce the ” Québec Bashing Which had free rein during the debate in English and the second, from Quebec Party, aimed to demand that the debate broadcasting group present a formal apology “for the hostile lawsuit brought against the Quebec nation” during this televised debate.

Mr. Trudeau also had to explain himself on the rally of his party, the day before, which had gathered 400 supporters without social distancing. Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, 87, and former Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, 100, were in attendance. The Liberal leader argued that “there is no one telling Mr. Chrétien or Hazel McCallion what to do or not to do”.

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