Debate in English: the FPJQ files a complaint with the Press Council

The Professional Federation of Quebec Journalists (FPJQ) complains to the Press Council (CPQ) and asks it to enter the file of the leaders’ debate in English, questioning the choice of the moderator as well as the neutrality of the question asked. to Yves-François Blanchet.

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“The FPJQ would like the CPQ to look into the choice of the media consortium to choose a person who is not a journalist in order to moderate the debate, despite a tradition that is deeply rooted in the leaders’ debates. This choice could give the impression that the moderator was a journalist and thus lead to confusion among the public, ”he wrote in a letter sent on Wednesday.

The moderator chosen by the Leaders’ Debate Broadcasting Group, Shachi Kurl, is a former journalist, but has worked for several years as president of the Canadian polling firm Angus Reid.

“The FPJQ also wants the CPQ to look into the question put to the leader of the Bloc Québécois, namely whether it respects the rules of journalistic ethics (quality of information, presentation of information, respect for individuals and groups) , having been approved by the press organizations overseeing the content of the leaders’ debate, ”adds one.

Reached by telephone, the president of the FPJQ and journalist in criminal affairs for the “Journal de Montréal”, Michael Nguyen, specified that the organization does not wish to take a position on the neutrality of the question put to Mr. Blanchet, and that the the only way to approach the Press Council on an issue is to file a complaint.

The only debate of the leaders in English of the campaign, broadcast last Thursday evening, continues to react almost a week later.

On Wednesday morning, federal party leaders Justin Trudeau, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh all called for the media consortium to apologize for the manner in which the first question directed at Yves-François Blanchet was framed. .

This consortium is made up of CBC News, Global News, CTV News and APTN News.

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