Death of Peruvian deputy suspends vote of confidence

Lime. The head of the Peruvian council of ministers, Mirtha Vásquez, asked Congress yesterday, October 25, for a vote of confidence for the new ministerial cabinet, the second of the leftist president Pedro Castillo, but the debate was suspended after the death of a legislator that he was not attending the plenary session.

“It is up to us to be able to walk together towards governance” and “achieve consensus,” asked Vásquez, a 46-year-old lawyer who heads the second cabinet appointed by Castillo in less than 90 days in office.

After the presentation of the head of the council of ministers appointed by Castillo on October 6, the legislators began a debate before proceeding to the vote, crucial for the cabinet to remain in office, but the session was suspended in the afternoon due to the death of the official parliamentarian Fernando Herrera, who had not attended the plenary session.

Herrera, a 55-year-old teacher and representative of the southern region of Tacna, “has died as a result of a cardiorespiratory arrest,” the head of the ruling party, Waldemar Cerrón, announced to the press.

The unicameral Congress will resume this debate on Thursday, November 4, as announced by its president, the opposition María del Carmen Alva.

If the trust is rejected, Vásquez must resign and Castillo will have to appoint a new 19-member cabinet.

The request for confidence requires 66 votes in a fragmented Congress, where the ruling Peru Libre party is the first minority with 37 of the 130 seats.

Castillo defeated right-wing Keiko Fujimori in a ballot in June, raising fears among Peruvians of an abrupt turn toward socialism.

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