Have you seen it’s good to have one in the metaverso, the social network antes (and deduces that lasts a long time) knows like Facebook. Uno falece y en menos de lo que tardan en embalsamarte ya te han hecho el ‘post’. “Hoy nos ha dejado el autor de mis días …”, seguido lo cual, el firmante del text se explain glossing the figure of the fenecido with a narration more or less used, emotional and sincere, of rapid healing, supported immediately by 294 comments –more than followers–, the mayor of the quals are written by those who passabell a cotillear a ratu y in those who appreciate the pereza de quien da el pésame, of way that the wall of the familiar is the people of DEP, DEP, DEP, that the earth lives, DEP, DEP, descent in peace, was a good man and little more, who can accompany him in sentiment hemos sido siempre gente de pocas palabras.

Do you have time for an artist, that tampoco sabía muy bien qué decir en estas occasiones, which has the result of being decanted by the formula of “not to say anything”, which differs from the service for a funeral for a companion for a flat. The only thing that needs to be done is to change the tone of the phrase, of effusive and dramatic, following the circumcision. Feliz cumpleaños, no te digo nada. Lo siento mucho, no te digo nada. It tried and worked. No te digo nada. Dado que la mayoría de los que dan pésame en el metaverso net se acercarán por el tanatorio, voy a dejar dicho antes de morirme que quien lo notifi en redes at least inform of the sale number, the day and the time, because if there is one positive thing Facebook has as a way of escaping obituaries is that it overhears the school.

Utilizo poco esa red, pero cada vez que entro I find myself more at risk with obituaries, gente que reza, aficionados a la scritura ya la barbacoa del fin de semana. And also, I admit, to see who has died. It is agreed that when it comes to an irreversible oath, the law that holds those senior mayors who buy the ‘ABC’ to see the escalators. To begin with, I gradually change the awareness of haberme converted into a sentence, read to the conclusion that what is now reinvented as metaverso is a red for those who pass the middle of the sail without water from that youth of the first decade of the sail in which Facebook was created, and in that we zambullimos to see what we have side of that chic or chic that is converted into the impossible love of our bachelors. And it turns out that this very person also tossed us and ours, and that crecimos y envejecimos con esa red, hasta that a day vas and te mueres y alguien lo escribe, y nuestra muerte se mide en ‘likes’, y entonces no puedes ver cuantos ‘me gusta’ tiene tu muerte porque ya no estás.

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If I’m connected to a social red prefix Facebook and Twitter. Te mueres on Twitter and always has some that are allegra. If Juan Belmonte prefers to morirse on Facebook antes that in the plaza, but never on Twitter. The difference between this, and the conflict, via Instagram, is the way to impose the idyllic image of our lives in a way that is imparted, Facebook conserva cierto aire amable, anquilosada en el desahogo de cincuentones, obituarios, avemarías y la paella del domingo, y donde esa misma gente agradable trata de mantener a raya a los ‘trols’, que on Facebook his animals in formation que prefieren mudarse a Twitter para dar allí la brasa.

Without embargo, es en ese foro decadente donde sigue estando el negocio. The death and the barbecue continue in alcista escalation. Twitter lost money the first year of the pandemic and also in 2021, when antecar acabar the owner announced another negative balance of around 400 million dollars. The Zuckerberg Company, on the other hand, moves in the third quarter in 29,900 million in dollars and 9,200 in benefits. According to Twitter, the “founders” users consider saving a smart device for intelligent people, in opposition to Facebook, to be able to use an intelligent platform for smart people. Apelaban to the prestige of a front to the simple cotidianidad of the other. Prestige. Between women, between women. Hasta que los pusieron a cada una en su sitio y dio la cara la gran paradeja. El odio no cotiza. La muerte, sí. As tancers, it looks like a sure value.


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