Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Things in the world are extremely hectic. It seems that the scars of history have not healed and are beginning to open up again.

In some countries, the divisions are ideological; in others, due to poor income distribution. In still others, racial and social discrimination is still present or; the institutional and social abandonment and instability in which they remained after having been colonies during the 20th century. Finally, certain nations have a mixture of everything.

Throughout human history, the balance between sovereign states has been unstable. The world map is permanently hung on pins.

Recent events seem to be the beginning of a new dismantling of borders or at least the attempt to do so. In other words, we are witnessing a dismemberment of the fragile world peace and the recomposition of the international map after the Second World War and the dismemberment of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991.

Russia’s war with Ukraine is getting louder and more nations are being sought to intervene.

I was stunned when I saw the images in which, through an air strike, the Russians severely damaged a maternity hospital in Mariupol, Ukraine. The portraits and videos showed how pregnant women came out with powdered faces and bodies. Some had traces of blood on their faces and bodies. I wondered what they had to do with all this. They were there, in a hospital, either because of a high-risk pregnancy, because they were about to give birth, or because their newborns were in intensive care, middle care, or awaiting medical discharge. Women of any nationality, who are about to give birth, are in one of the most vulnerable situations. At the time of childbirth, her life and that of her children are at stake. There are no distinctions here. I am sure that both Russian and Ukrainian women, particularly those who have just given birth, have the same feeling about this event.

Today with concern I internalize the news in which the Ukrainian authorities indicate that the Russian forces killed an American journalist. He belonged to the international press and intended to report what was happening. I hope that this fact does not escalate the conflict any further, but nothing can be ruled out.

As if this were not enough, the day before yesterday, India accidentally launched a nuclear missile against Pakistan. Both countries until before their independence from the United Kingdom were the same territory. Pakistan was part of India, however, they were separated for religious reasons. Pakistan became a Muslim state in 1947 and India, with the division of its territory, as a Hindu and polytheistic state. The division of its territory preceded one of the largest and most controversial migrations of the 20th century. The border line was articulated, not by a Hindu, not by a Pakistani, but by an Englishman, Cyril Radcliffe. This is how India was split into two pieces. What will happen to the accidentally launched missile? Why hasn’t it received the global attention that other conflicts have? Why haven’t they turned around to see them with the importance that the case requires?

Dear newspaper, Mexico is also actively participating in the confusion of the Nations. Public life has also become very intense, with significant disagreements that prevent the country from having good progress and a ductile relationship with other nations.

On March 11, a statement from the government of the Republic caught my attention, which, among other issues, expressed qualifying adjectives for European deputies. In a generic way and addressed to everyone, it pointed out “[b]horn of corruption, lies and hypocrisy.” She went on to say “[e]It is unfortunate that they join like sheep in the reactionary and coup strategy of the corrupt group that opposes the Fourth Transformation, promoted by millions of Mexicans to confront the monstrous inequality and violence inherited by the neoliberal economic policy that was imposed for 36 years in our country”. After instructing them by telling them “know deputies” -he is referring to MEPs-, the communique continued to say that Mexico had ceased to be a land of conquest and that now no one was being repressed, that there is freedom and democracy, as well as that respect the work of journalists. Then he accused them of keeping “complicit silence” of the violation of human rights in the past. Finally, he pointed out that if Mexico were in the situation that the “pamphlet” they issued said, the Mexican president would not be supported by 66% of the citizens. He asks them to “evolve” and stop having an “interfering mania” “disguised” as good intentions.

It’s tomorrow I thought they were playing a dirty trick on the president. With amazement I wondered if they were not aware of the situation of the world and of Mexico with espionage, institutional weakening, and other serious internal issues, such as the lack of sufficient resources from the State to attend to so many diverse needs demanded by the population that historically has been abandoned, to get to so much.

That is how I became convinced that this statement, which is clear and direct, which tells them that as Europeans they are corrupt, liars, hypocrites, reactionaries, coup plotters, which qualifies them as “sheep”, accomplices, interfering, disguising things as good intentions, which recommends them to evolve and which paradoxically claims that in the past they did not pronounce themselves on the situation in Mexico, it turned out not to be credible. I concluded that it was fake news.

I thought that whoever wrote it had made him aware of each of the disqualifications and that this was not done. I closed that chapter and went on to reflect on the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine on Mexico.

I concluded that even with the increase in the price of crude oil, the increase in the price of gasoline will in turn cause the rise in the price of the products of the basic basket. I estimated that this would generate discontent, social pressure and more poverty.

To my surprise, the statement was real, so I wondered what would happen if a person, other than the President of the Republic, had used those qualifying adjectives. The answer did not wait, if he had used those qualifying adjectives, even in the early stages of a person’s life, they would have sent him to the address and they would have put a report on him until he meditated on the damage caused.

I quickly wanted to read the resolution of the European Parliament that caused the statement from the government of the Republic to see what caused the president’s reaction. I thought to find with the same tone, constant disqualifications, because that is the only way to understand, but not justify, such a strong reaction.

The European resolution states that “[c]Considering that Mexico has long been the most dangerous and deadliest place for journalists outside of an official war zone, according to different non-governmental organizations and international organizations; According to Reporters Without Borders, in 2021 and for the third year in a row, Mexico was the most dangerous country in the world for journalists, ranking 143rd out of 180 countries in the 2021 World Press Freedom Index.”

He goes on to say that “[c]Considering that the EU-Mexico Global Agreement includes clauses on human rights and democracy, specifically in articles 1 and 39; whereas the EU-Mexico high-level dialogue on human rights that took place in 2020 culminated in an agreement on working together in Mexico to strengthen the protection of human rights defenders;”

And therefore, the European Union, “1. [c]waves[ba] the threats, harassment and murder of journalists and human rights defenders in Mexico, including defenders of the environment and of indigenous peoples and communities; calls on the authorities to investigate the murders quickly, thoroughly, independently and impartially and, in the case of journalists and media workers, in accordance with the approved protocol for the investigation of crimes against freedom of expression. ”

Finally, it also says that the European Union “[i]Urges the Government of Mexico to adopt concrete, rapid and effective measures to strengthen national, state and local institutions and to apply a set of urgent, comprehensive and coherent strategies for prevention, protection, reparation and accountability in order to guarantee that human rights defenders and journalists be able to continue their activities without fear of reprisals and without restrictions, in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights; …”

To see if there is interference or not from a group of countries such as the European Union, on aspects related to democracy, respect for human rights, non-corruption clauses, transparency and accountability, it is necessary to analyze the Global Agreement EU- Mexico.

In said agreement, among other issues, it was agreed that there would be a new relationship between the parties and that “both parties commit to[ían] also to cooperate on issues such as climate change and human rights; work together on issues such as the fight against poverty or research on new medicines.” On the “fight against corruption” they pointed out that it would be the first trade agreement of the European Union “that includes[e] measures to improve the coordination of the fight against corruption in both the public and private sectors. It also includes measures to combat money laundering.

Communication professionals exercise a human right that is freedom of expression. Journalists must have reinforced guarantees as a union so that they are protected in their work. In all groups, not only in the journalists’ association, there are those who do not perform adequately. However, for a few, they should not all pay, nor should they ignore the reinforced right and special protection they deserve when doing their job. Nor that there is a self-censorship to avoid reaching the screen in the morning.

What was agreed upon in the European Union and Mexico Global Agreement is a very fine line, as to have given rise to the resolution they issued, but also the Mexican reaction of calling them corrupt, liars, hypocrites, reactionaries, coup plotters, “sheep”, accomplices , interfering, little evolved and that disguise things with good intentions, if they crossed that line, which requires a deeper analysis, not even remotely, they were the correct forms.

I warn that there are Mexican men and women who are doing everything possible for a better future, so that social asymmetries in Mexico are reduced and, as far as possible, institutions are strengthened and jobs are created, but it is not being possible . There is no room for free and independent thinkers.

Dear newspaper, I end with this, many of us want a climate of peace and security, without violence or aggression, in which the rule of law prevails and in which there is no fear. I am sad about what happened.

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