Deals of the week

A few cheeses, lots of fruits and vegetables, beautiful cuts of meat, the choice is vast this week to make good deals at the grocery store.

* In red, percentage or amount saved


  • Strawberries (454 g), L’Intermarché$1.99, $0.50
  • Red or green seedless grapes, Walmart$1.27/lb, $1.70/lb
  • Cantaloupe, Maxi$1.96, $2.01
  • Blackberries (170 g), Super C$3.77, $2.71
  • Lawyers, Adonis Market$5 for 4, $0.42


  • Greenhouse red tomatoes or Brussels sprouts, IGA$1.29/lb, $3.67/lb
  • Mini Steam & Go potatoes (1 lb) or English cucumber, Giant Tiger$0.88, $0.78
  • Vine tomatoes, L’Intermarché$0.79/lb, $1.20/lb
  • Carrots or yellow onions (3 lb), Super C$1.77, $0.70
  • PC Whole White Mushrooms, Maxi$0.84, $1.15


  • Fresh boneless pork half loin, Maxi$1.88/lb, $2/lb
  • Large Unnamed White Eggs (30), Maxi$5, $1.67
  • Fresh Semi-Lean Ground Beef, Walmart$2.87/lb, $1.60/lb
  • Fresh chicken thighs, IGA$0.99/lb, $1.60/lb
  • Fresh Pork Tenderloin, Super C$3.77/lb, $4.72/lb
  • Whole chicken, Maxi$1.77/lb, $1.70/lb


  • Laughing Cow Cheese (120-133 g), Maxi$2, $1.97
  • Kraft Singles Cheese (410g), Super C$3.47, $1.80
  • P’tit Québec (400 g) or Black Diamond (200-240 g) cheese, Metro$4.44, $0.74
  • Activia probiotic yogurt (650 g), IGA$2.46, $1.42

Methodology of : Pricing and savings may vary by region. Products are selected based on their popularity on Reebee, where they are displayed at low prices. Savings are calculated by comparing sales to prices offered by competitors.

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