On the second day of the federal election campaign, the Conservative leader had still not hit the road. Erin O’Toole was still in his studio in Ottawa to unveil his election platform on Tuesday morning.

The 162-page document promises to recover a million jobs lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic in one year.

“The Liberals, the Bloc, the NDP, the Greens have no plan to ensure economic recovery after the pandemic,” said Erin O’Toole, waving his document on the cover of which he appears, arms folded and in T-shirt.

“The Conservatives will create jobs, increase wages, restore the economy and balance public finances,” he said.

Justin trudeauHe went to a company in Longueuil to promise that the government windfall will continue to rain, if he is re-elected.

“We have supported Canadian business during this difficult time, but Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives tried to stop us,” the Liberal leader said in the statement released by his party.

Mr. Trudeau thus promised, among other things, subsidies for the salaries and rents of companies in the tourism sector to “help them get through the winter”.

Bloc ambitions

The head of Bloc Quebecois says he has targeted a greater number of seats than the 32 he has held since 2019. “I like to dream of 40,” said the Bloc leader on QUB radio.

A few minutes later, in an interview this time with a Radio-Canada morning radio program, Mr. Blanchet spoke again of his ambitions for September 20.

“Our battle is to make sure […] that the government does not have a majority, ”he said. “Quebeckers have clearly said that they prefer (a government) minority,” he said.

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The rich in the sights of the NDP

The head of New Democratic Party promises that if he takes power, he will reimburse taxpayers for the millions of dollars paid in bonuses to CEOs of companies during the pandemic.

“Justin Trudeau allowed his privileged friends and the big companies to use in the wage subsidy”, accused Jagmeet Singh.

“They abused the system. We are going to force these companies to reimburse this money, ”Singh said during a campaign stop in Toronto.

Campaigning in a pandemic

Without naming his opponents, Yves-Francois Blanchet criticized “colleagues” who took crowd baths or who approached citizens too closely on Sunday.

Jagmeet Singh did lots of hugs and photoshoots during the Montreal Pride March on Sunday afternoon. Justin Trudeau, who had avoided this event because, it was said in the Liberal campaign, of the risk of the crowd, found himself surrounded by supporters at the end of the day in the streets of his riding of Papineau.

“You won’t see me take babies […] and start taking photos with or taking selfies with your head on someone’s shoulder, ”Mr. Blanchet said at QUB radio’s microphone.

“There is an obligation of prudence, if only because we have to set an example. And when we are a party that says “we have to go to elections even in times of a pandemic, we have to take responsibility and be careful”, ”he sermonized.

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