It is the event of the year in the Spanish digital ecosystem. His name doesn’t lie: The Evening of the Yeara boxing day organized by the ‘streamer’ Ibai Llanoswhich in its first edition, in 2021, exceeded the border of one million viewers only in its broadcast on Twitch, the streaming platform.

This year’s ‘line-up’ is starred, for the most part, by ‘streamers’, ‘gamers’ and other digital personalities, such as the ‘showman’ Mr Jagger. Also joining the ‘line-up’ is the music producer and mass phenomenon Bizarrewhose digital presence has catapulted it to the top of the charts in Spain and Latin America.

But, among all this cast of internet personalities, a name appears that, for many, was totally unexpected. Replacing Jaime Lorente, from ‘The paper house’who had to face Mr. Jagger, the singer and ‘ex-triumph’ arrives in the ring David Bustamante, who at 40 will put on boxing gloves to entertain hordes of mostly Gen Z Twitch viewers.

make-up overcoming

But, how has a person so far removed from the world of streaming come to the most important event in the sector? Essentially, because Bustamante, although he has always prioritized his musical career, is a television animal. He showed it from his first appearance in ‘Operation Triumph 1’building the story that he was a bricklayer with the dream of getting on stage, a juicy story of overcoming lightly made up (he worked in the family business, and had received musical training).

Once there, he knew how to play his cards well, becoming the crybaby and the emotional one of the edition, a sensitive man who looked good on camera and provided a lot of content. Thus, added to his vocal technique, he managed to be a finalist in the first edition, whose final, with 12.8 million viewers, it is the most watched broadcast of a contest in Spain.

Between album releases and tours he has never stopped showing himself in front of the cameras. He has appeared on game shows and gossip shows, always oozing charisma. Among others, he went through ‘Look who is dancing’‘The Grand Prix’, ‘Your face rings a bell’, ‘The number one’, ‘My house is yours’, ‘The challenge’ or ‘Master Chef Celebrity’in the latter, again, rescuing her narrative of a sensitive and emotional person who is not afraid to cry, making headlines and, above all, aligning herself with the feminist story that encourages the male gender not to repress their feelings.

The mix that works

At the same time, the collision of the digital world with the world of ‘reality’ and original television is currently on the rise. The vast majority of pop productions, both millennial and centennial, applaud the fusion between both worlds. For example, ‘Stretching the gum’, podcast awarded with the Ondas award and directed by the digital content creators Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martín, actively promote this merger. Like when they invited the collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ Chelo Garcia Cortesand they talked about the dozens of memes that surround her in the program.

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Another example, this time televised, the ‘Sálvame Mediafest 2022’, which last Wednesday brought together such disparate personalities from the world of the heart as Jorge Javier Vazquez and Lydia Lozano with the centennial muses Samantha Hudson Y Ptazeta.

In this context, the approach of someone who dominates the camera so well, like Bustamante, with the ‘streamer’ that most moves the masses in our country, could not be missing. The impact and good reception of this merger has been such that, With only two videos on TikTok, Bustamente has already achieved two million views. It seems that generation Z is embracing the ‘ex-triumph’ with the same love as its predecessors.

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