Darias insists that the mask will be removed “sooner than later”

  • The minister assures that when the experts of the Alerts Report agree on where it should be maintained and where it will not “take the step”

The Minister of Health, Caroline Darias, has insisted this Wednesday that the mandatory nature of the mask indoors will be eliminated “Sooner than later“but, again, without specifying a date. The Government has been installed in this forecast since Pedro Sánchez, on February 21, opened the door for the first time to make the protection measure against covid more flexible. But, at that time , the sixth wave was going down and the incidence is now stagnant at around 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (specifically 436 in the report of March 23). Hence, the President of the Government has clarified that the sensible thing to do is wait until that ends this month to see how the curve evolves. “We are going to see if this month we can lower it completely,” she said on March 11.

And the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, stressed this Wednesday that as important as the “when” is the “how” and to establish precisely “how” to withdraw the obligation and in what spaces the Government is waiting for the experts of the Alert Presentation reach a consensus and make a proposal. The minister has specified that “perhaps” there are spaces in which it should continue to be compulsory, such as the public transport, events with crowds or in vulnerable environments.

“This is what we want to do, learn about the proposal on how to eliminate the masks from the alert presentation and I assure you that it will be sooner rather than later,” he said in response to a questioning of citizens, party that has demanded that the Executive “eliminate the mask”.

The communities

Darias has argued that, as the objective is “to save lives”, the Government “will take the step” when there is a proposal from the experts and seeking”, moreover, “unanimity and the consensus” with the communities autonomous. This consensus has not yet been produced because while some autonomous executives such as the one in Madrid ask for the withdrawal and safety in public transport or hospitals and Catalonia claims to start with the colleges; others disagree that the time has come. The Lehendakari, Íñigo Urkullu, has indicated this Wednesday that the mask continues to be “absolutely advisable” because “the pandemic continues”.

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Despite this, the Public Health Commission, in which all the autonomies and the Ministry of Health are represented, agreed on Tuesday that on the way to the covid ‘flu’ Asymptomatic infected people or those with mild symptoms should not be isolated from Monday. Quarantine is reserved for serious cases and the vulnerable population, which will also be the only cases that will be counted.

Before the Doubts that the decision has generated among epidemiologists, Darias has assured that “the incidence will continue to be motorized but focused on those people who present vulnerability factors, in vulnerable environments and serious cases” given that the pandemic has “every time more endemic features” and, therefore, “the response” of the health administrations must be adapted.

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