• The Serbian-Danish actress, also the star of ‘Equinox’, has already participated in the classics ‘Those who kill’ and ‘Bron (The bridge)’

Danica Curcic He was born in Belgrade in 1985, but when he was only one year old, he ended up with his family in Copenhagen, where his father worked in the Yugoslav embassy. When the wars began in the early 1990s, the Curcics chose to move into their new home. Danica ended up being more Danish than Serbian, but, as he has counted, she has sometimes been told that she is too dark to be a Danish bride.

He has not lacked work, be that as it may: in 2012, the same year that he graduated from the Danish National School of Performing Arts, he began a dense film career with ‘Over kanten’. Two years later, in 2014, she was featured as a Shooting Star (or rising star of European cinema) at the Berlin festival. It was the year of ‘Desecration: The Cases of Department Q’, in which she did not play a typical Danish bride, but rather a woman who traveled the world with the corpse of her baby. A less comfortable role. Also that year drew attention in ‘Silent heart’, by Bille August, as the youngest daughter of the protagonist’s sick mother; role later embodied by Mia Wasikowska in the remake ‘The decision’.

Past and present of the genre

But outside of Denmark at least, we associate Curcic even more with series. We have seen it in ‘Nobel’ as an interpreter for the Norwegian Intelligence Service; on ‘The fog’ as a runaway drug addict, or in ‘Equinox’ as a protagonist marked by the mysterious disappearance of her sister and her entire class twenty years ago.

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In a way, Curcic also represents the past and the present of the so-called ‘nordic noir’, which is reluctant to disappear as a trend. He was in classics of the genre such as ‘Those who kill’, ‘Inspector Wallander’ O ‘Bron (The Bridge)’, and now leads the cast of ‘The Hartung case’ as an inspector who associates the death of a young mother with the case of a missing girl presumed dead. Curcic’s gaze is once again brimming with intelligence and concern at each step of the investigation. She is by no means anyone’s Danish girlfriend.


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