Dani Alves returns to training with Barça five years later

Dani Alves runs again through Sant Joan Despí. It is not a visit from a former player, an illustrious former player, but a new signing for the remainder of the season. Even though I already have 38 years and is closer to retirement than to being a future value. It will be present from the month of January, when it can be registered.

But, for now, advance with the mandatory deadlines for put on the Barça shirt. You will surely have a new number. He looked 20 when he signed in 2008; it changed to 2 in 2010 when it was left vacant after the dismissal of Martín Cáceres; chose 22 in 2013 to honor Eric Abidal after the Frenchman left Barça after his cancer and transplant, and in 2015 he adopted Xavi’s 6 after the departure of the captain, today his coach and the greatest architect of his signings by giving the go-ahead for his incorporation.

Four numbers and 8 free

In the absence of staff casualties, there are only two numbers available: On the 8th of Andrés Iniesta, and the most likely to adopt, and 25, which in most clubs is reserved for a goalkeeper. Ter Stegen has 1, Neto, 13, and Iñaki Peña (26) and Arnau Tenas (36) retain numbers of footballers with a subsidiary file.

“It is a wonderful opportunity, an incredible challenge”, Alves confessed after stepping on the sports city. “To be able to work with people who know me to me and my predisposition to do so is always a privilege, “explained the club’s media, after acknowledging that he had been wanting to return to Barça for a” long time, from which he left in 2016 with the letter of freedom, taking advantage of a clause in the last renewal for two years (from 2015 to 2017).

“Putting on this shirt again means an extra strength and adrenaline”

Dani Alves / Barça defender

of the stopped months

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Alves returned to the sports city after passing the medical examination between the hospital and the physical tests in the Barça facilities before participating in the first training session. Carries two months without sessions purely football. Since he left Sao Paulo on September 10 as a protest for the non-payment of part of his card. Now you will have two more months to get in the best shape, since will not be able to line up until january. Initially, there was talk of the opening of the winter market starting on the 3rd, although the clubs will try to advance it so that their reinforcements are available for the day that will be played between December 31 and January 2.

“Put this shirt back on means an extra strength and adrenaline “, Alves explained. The 2022 Barça model will be put on this Wednesday, when it will be presented at the Camp Nou and with the public, just like Xavi.


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