Dancer Guillaume Côté returns to Montreal with his new creation Crypto

Set to music by Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson and accompanied by visual effects by Montreal company Mirari, Crypto is danced by four performers, including Guillaume Côté himself.

Its history is based on cryptozoology, which studies animals whose existence is not proven.

Taking place in a surreal universe, it depicts a couple in search of a creature that would solve all their problems, especially relational ones. They find her, bring her home, and try to domesticate her without success. The couple then calls on a plastic surgeon to transform the creature, embodied by the American dancer Casia Vengoechea, into a human.

It touches on the obsession of humans to morph nature so that it belongs to them. explains Guillaume Côté.

It was the Canadian-American Royce Vavrek, author of several operas, who imagined this plot. “I asked him to write a story for dance that was wacky, dynamic and fun “, specifies the Quebec artist.

What I liked is that these surreal characters give freedom to exaggerate the movement, he adds. We are in a classical vocabulary, but with contemporary dancers.

A man is dancing on stage.

The work “Crypto” is accompanied by visual effects.

Photo: Sasha Onyshchenko

Dance, not essential, but irreplaceable

Crypto should have been unveiled to the public two weeks after the start of the confinement, but the pandemic delayed this moment by two years.

This project kept me inspired for these two years. During that time, we worked to refine the show, readjust it and keep it alive.

Last year, Guillaume Côté fell into a little depression by not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

There were times when we wondered if it was worth continuing to train and fight to convince people that we still had a place in our community. he recalls.

It was hard to realize that we were important, but not essential, to everyday life when we are here to enrich people’s lives.

However, these difficult times made her appreciate the performing arts even more. It was magical to come back on stage after a two-year hiatus. Nothing else connects in this way, in something so spontaneous, real and organic. We feel the audience breathing with us [quand on danse].

In the end, he believes that these two years of pandemic have represented a beautiful journey . We are not essential, but we are incredibly important and we are irreplaceable he says.

having started ballet at the age of three, Guillaume Côténe had never really wondered how much he loved to dance. The pause caused by the pandemic having been conducive to questioning, he reflected. After this stop, did I really want to go back?, he wondered. Absolutely! Dancing is like breathing for me.

Two women are on stage.

The “Crypto” show is presented until Saturday, in Montreal.

Photo: Sasha Onyshchenko

Dance in support of Ukraine

At the end of April, Guillaume Côté danced in Romeo and Juliet in Toronto as part of a fundraiser in support of the Ukrainian population. We try to send funds to artists so that they can continue their careers and not see the work of a life evaporate because of a political situation. he explains.

The one who was the first Quebecer to dance at the Bolshoi, the prestigious Russian cultural institution, is very saddened by the war started in Ukraine by Russia. There is an incredible polarization. People see their careers dissolve.

We would like the art not to be political, but the dancers are stars in Russia, like hockey players. I have Russian friends who had to become ambassadors for Putin and who are prisoners of their government.

Crypto is presented until Saturday at the Théâtre Maisonneuve, at Place des Arts.

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