DANCE WITH DEVILS: Ballerinas detail alleged sex abuse at hands of dancer, hubby

The Buttons have called the allegations “baseless.”

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A quartet of ballerinas are breaking their silence over the Boston Ballet’s former star and her hubby’s dance of depravity that allegedly involved sex assault and rape.

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In 2021, five women filed a lawsuit against dance teacher Mitchell Taylor Button, now 36, and his prima ballerina wife Dusty Button, now 32, with lurid allegations of sexual impropriety.

One claimed Button “tied her up in a gun-filled room” forcing her to have sex while she “screamed for help.”

According to the alleged victims, the popular Dusty would promise the young dancers mentorship that would lead to fame and fortune as she lured them into the couple’s web. Eventually, the girls would be introduced to her husband.

He would then allegedly sexually assault them, sometimes with Dusty holding them down. She is not named as a defendant but is an alleged “non-party co-conspirator.”

Dancer Sage Humphries claimed she was sexually abused by the Buttons.  FACEBOOK
Dancer Sage Humphries claimed she was sexually abused by the Buttons. FACEBOOK

“The Buttons then exploited those relationships to coerce sexual acts by means of force and fraud,” the lawsuit said.

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The alleged victims have opened up about the horrendous abuse in this month’s Cosmopolitan. Dancer Sage Humphries, 24, described how she fell into the pair’s clutches.

She revealed that she met Dusty in 2017 at the Boston ballet and they became friends. Eventually, she was introduced to Mitchell Button who offered to take over her social media accounts from her. But soon, the pair were overseeing every aspect of Humphries’ life.

“This was calculated. These people are predators. This is a pattern,” Humphries told Cosmo. “I used to think ballet was a safe place. Now, it’s interesting to me how the most evil people hide in plain sight, where no one would suspect.”

Dusty Button was a superstar in the ballet world.  POINT MAGAZINE
Dusty Button was a superstar in the ballet world. POINT MAGAZINE

Humphries said that on multiple occasions, Dusty held her down while her husband “violently” assaulted her without consent.

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According to the lawsuit: “One evening, Sage went to the Buttons’ apartment after rehearsal, and the apartment was completely dark. Dusty and (Mitchell) demanded that Sage put on a spandex suit that covered her entire body, including her mouth and eyes, and left only her nose and ears exposed.

“Dusty led Sage into a room of the Buttons’ apartment that had an arsenal of guns hanging on the wall. Sage told the Buttons she was scared. They instructed her to lie down on a table, and they tied up her arms and legs so she was unable to move. The Buttons then sexually assaulted Sage.”

“Sage began sobbing and screaming, begging the Buttons to untie her. The Buttons told her she was being weak and stupid.”

The suit added: “The Buttons also regularly used painful sex toys on Sage and would tie Sage up in order to have sex with her. Sage never consented to these violent sex acts.”

Eventually, Humphries’ concerned parents got her out of the situation. The Buttons have called the allegations “baseless.”

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