DANA ravages the coast of Huelva, which already has 630 troops working on the ground

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The heavy rains that fell during the day yesterday on the Huelva coast, and that have affected the towns of Lepe, Isla Cristina, Ayamonte and Cartaya, have forced to launch a cleaning and repair operation of more than 630 troops.

The waterspout caused by the Isolated Depression at High Levels (DANA) has also forced the suspension of classes in Isla Cristina, in several educational centers in Lepe and in a school in Cartaya. Technicians from the Andalusian Public Education Agency are evaluating the damage, according to Europa Press.

The emergency room 112 attended, until last night, 750 incidents due to the floods registered, which led to the activation of situation 1 of the Emergency Plan for Flood Risk (PERI), which has remained in force since yesterday morning. In addition, the Municipal Emergency Plans (PEM) of Isla Cristina, Lepe, Ayamonte and Cartaya have been activated.

The damage, concentrated in the coastal populations of Isla Cristina, Lepe. Ayamonte and Cartaya, have been mainly due to flooding in homes, garages, patios, schools, premises and establishments, in addition to problems in the public road that have even caused vehicle displacements due to water currents.

There is no record of personal injury, although the water has caused significant material damage and many people have had to abandon their houses, what have remained uninhabitable.

Neighbors of Lepe (Huelva) observing the water level in a flooded street.

Neighbors of Lepe (Huelva) observing the water level in a flooded street.

The municipalities of Lepe and Ayamonte last night fitted out beds in their facilities for those neighbors who request it and also the Valdesequillo de Lepe hotel, with capacity for 40 people, has offered its installations for more neighbors who need to spend the night in them.

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As reported by Emergencias 112 Andalucía, attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior of the Board, a Forward Command Post (PMA) in the premises of the Local Police of Lepe. During yesterday’s session, a coordination meeting was held with the mayors of the affected municipalities, led by the Deputy Minister of the Presidency, Antonio Sanz; the delegate of the Board in Huelva, Bella Verano; and the general director of Emergencies and Civil Protection, Agustín Muñoz.

In it, the most significant damage caused by rain has been evaluated and the cleaning and repair operation has been organized. There are 56 staff of Infoca, between operations technicians, supervisors, agents of Environment and several checkpoints, as well as three fire trucks to extract water. 74 members of the Volunteer Groups of Civil protection from Lepe (50), Isla Cristina (11), Ayamonte (8) and Valverde del Camino (5).

By the Andalusian Emergency Group (HEAVY) A technician and five agents have been mobilized to deploy an Advanced Command Post in Lepe with two lighting balloons to facilitate cleaning tasks at night. Yesterday, at nightfall, two more light balloons have joined to provide service to the residents who work cleaning their homes and streets and who do not have electricity.

To all these troops, we must add members of the Red Cross, Emergency 112 Andalusian and Civil Protection technicians; firefighters from the Provincial Consortium of Huelva, who also provide a pressure washer, a water truck and three sweepers.

There are also 80 agents of the Civil Guard; a team of GEAS divers from Seville; and a reconnaissance helicopter, plus three agents from the Unit of the National Police Corps Attached to the Autonomous Community.

The affected municipalities have also contributed cash. In addition to maintenance and cleaning workers and local police officers, monitors from the Sports areas, Home Help staff; Works and Services and Parks and Gardens.

The Public Company of Health Emergencies It has also mobilized a nine-man unit with two teams from 061, the critical patient transport unit and three mobile ICUs. So far, health services have carried out 31 assists. None of them have been serious and most have been due to hypothermia.


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