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The heavy rains that fell this Thursday have caused flooding of streets, roadblocks and electricity and fall of trees in towns in the south of the province of Badajoz such as Zafra, Mérida, Villafranca de los Barros and AlmendralejoThis municipality is among the most affected, since some of its access roads have been cut.

Estas Extremadura populations, together with Jerez de los Caballeros (Badajoz), are among the ten areas of Spain where it has rained the most this morning.

Specifically, in the capital of Tierra de Barros, the EX-300 road to Badajoz and the EX-105 to Aceuchal are affected, in addition to the fact that there are several urban roads closed to traffic.

DDue to these circumstances, the Local Police of Almendralejo has recommended early this Thursday that unnecessary travel is avoided through their social networks.

For its part, 112 Extremadura has indicated that there is an incidence on the A-66 highway, which remains cut off early in the morning this Thursday at kilometer 657, southbound (Villafranca de los Barros).

Lepe, Ayamonte …

Same situation in Andalusia, especially in Huelva. Emergencies 112 Andalusia has reported that they are already more than 600 incidents those managed by Telephone 112 due to flooding of homes, shops, public facilities, garages, basements, offices and buildings due to heavy rains, mainly in the municipalities on the Huelva coast.

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The most affected localities have been Isla Cristina, Lepe and Ayamonte, and to a lesser extent, incidents have also been recorded in Cartaya, Gibraleón, Aljaraque, Aroche, Rosal de la Frontera and Punta Umbría.


A brief but intense storm of rain and hail hit the city of Toledo on the afternoon of this Wednesday, shortly before 8:00 p.m., leaving water rafts and floods in various parts of the regional capital.

The downpour, sometimes accompanied by hail, has been felt in several areas of the Toledo capital as Palomarejos, Santa Teresa and the Paseo de La Vega, where it has complicated the circulation of the vehicles that were passing there at that precise moment.


The intense rains have caused in the last hours a total of 16 incidents in the area of Santanyí (Mallorca), the majority due to flooding of homes, businesses and public roads.

The surrounding roads have also been affected by the accumulation of water and firefighters have had to service multiple vehicles that have been trapped. Despite everything, the situation is at this time “controlled”, as reported by the Government.

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