Currency: half of American states are in recession and the erosion of the dollar continues, warns an analyst

The United States is currently facing a wave of economic and financial recessions. New analysis presented by renowned financial expert, Game of Trades on X, presented a new statistical overview highlighting the state of the recession and currency erosion in the United States.

According to the new update, half of US states are currently in recession, with key economic indicators falling, signaling a bearish market stance.

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Half of US states are in recession

The United States and its currency are facing serious economic difficulties, with half of its states entering a serious crisis of economic contraction.The United States and its currency are facing serious economic difficulties, with half of its states entering a serious crisis of economic contraction.
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The analysis presented by Game of Trades on X looked at the significant recession that half of the American states are currently experiencing. According to the shared analysis, in the fourth quarter of 2023, 22 US states experienced an economic crisis.

Described as economic contraction, these states are experiencing repressed economic growth, with indicators such as unemployment rates, average hours worked in manufacturing, real wages, and nonfarm payroll employment hitting rock bottom.

Game of Trades then analyzed the current recession in the United States. THE handle he quickly lays out the reasons, emphasizing how “vulnerable” states are prone to entering into serious economic crises and collapses.

“Recessions don’t happen overnight when all states enter a recession simultaneously. The weakest and most vulnerable states tend to be the first to experience a recession. Once a certain threshold is reached, it becomes inevitable that other states will follow suit.”

The analyst then pointed out an important detail of the mix. Game of Trades further highlighted that the United States could soon enter an official recession phase, given that 22 of its states are already struggling with economic difficulties and unwanted changes.

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However, Game of Trades later clarified that half of US states are still healthy, emphasizing the need to exercise caution and pay attention to hot economic markers.

The erosion of the dollar continues

With half of US states heading into recession, it appears that the US dollar, on the other hand, is struggling with its own political and economic woes.

The dollar has underperformed recently, with competitors like the Kenyan shilling winning the currency race.

Likewise, a new development was driven by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Putin urged Middle Eastern oil producers to abandon the US dollar.


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