Saying the word “dictatorship” is not that difficult. There are four syllables, one after the other, that define a political regime that, by force or violence, concentrates all power in a person or in a group or organization and represses human rights and individual freedoms, in the words of the RAE, first meaning. Cuba, for example.

But to our government It is difficult for him to pronounce the word if he does not include Franco or the extreme right in the same sentence. As much as to reject in Congress the proposal for an institutional declaration condemning Cuban repression, despite everything that is happening in these days of rebellion on the island and with nearly 200 disappeared at this time.

Our government (feminist, progressive and environmentalist, he was so supportive) preferred a much more euphemistic and condescending “slowness in the democratic transition.” And between the exercise of intellectual honesty of calling things by their name and pointing out the unacceptable or doing nothing at all, they opted for the second: inaction. “Neither condemn nor condemn”, as our mothers would say.

We can’t say this is surprising at this point in the movie. Let us remember that we are talking about the same government that explicitly asked the media back in October to call the curfew a “restriction of night mobility”.

Because it was much more “contemporary”. The same one who called in his networks “armed struggle” to the criminal action of ETA, “temporary international economic slowdown” to the economic crisis or “reinforcement of the economic model” to each one of his carantoñas to the separatists. We are talking about those who do not ask for bailouts from the European Union, but rather request “precautionary lines without macroeconomic conditionality.” Are we really going to be surprised now by a simple “slowness in the democratic transition”? By a miracle they haven’t called him “they have their little things but good background”.

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Not even the official cadre of professional undersigned, those who have spent so fatally the last twenty-six years in Madrid’s hell, have deigned to issue a little note, even if it were. A timid “don’t hit the blacks in front of the cameras, they are being seen” published undercover in the “being poor is cool” section of some run-down newspaper, I can’t think of now what it could be. It’s less cute than defending a loudmouth rapper, if I understand it, but it is for consistency no more the order.

Take heed, don’t be looks: we must replace the term “dictatorship” with “slowness in the democratic transition”, “homeland” with “motherland” and, don’t lose sight of me, look here. Look here intently. Where is the ball? Where is the ball?

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