The Confederation of Workers of Mexico (CTM), the labor center with the largest number of unionized workers, must rethink, “for the times we live in, the new agenda with its unions and once and for all make the decision to implement the labor reform in its entirety.”

This was stated by the Deputy Secretary General of the CTM, Tereso Medina, who admitted that “the labor reform is here to stay, and from this May Day onwards, Mexico is already another”; He maintained that the issue of trade union democracy is going to be specified so that in this way, “workers advance in improving their quality of life or that we worry about a decent life.”

In that sense, he said that the union organizations will have to analyze as much as possible, “if they want to survive they will have to think about the training of cadres, the organization of leaders and the detection of potential leaders within the workplace and return to what is called the basics, the authentic representation with the workers, an authentic representation and not forgetting that the workers and their families are the reason for being of the unions”.

Noting that there is an intense task in the CTMwhere since 2019 the affiliated unions modify its statutes, as required by the labor reform; He said that there are organizations, “that we have chosen to develop a new way of doing trade unionism in a responsible, democratic, progressive manner; because the labor Mexico that we are experiencing now, nothing resembles the labor Mexico of the past”.

For three years, “we have had the workers at the center of the table so that they can choose their boards of directors with a free, personal, secret and direct vote, decide with a free, personal, secret and direct vote whether they accept or not a collective negotiation and decide in the same democratic way, whether or not to accept the current collective contract; which is the first stage of the reform, but also, just as the surrender and transparency of the unions is a fact that is coming and it is a fact that we have to be prepared to be able to implement this reform, we are working on that ”.

Thus, the cetemista with presence in Coahuilaand who has lived very closely the decision punctually the changes to the Federal Labor Lawsummarizes in a single sentence what it means for the CTM this May Day: “Leave the past completely and work in the present for the future”.


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