Cryptocurrencies, a long-term business

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, it remains attractive to investors and a proof of this is the high returns during the second half of 2021.

The main cryptocurrency bitcoin, has a return of 36.6% so far in the second half of 2021, going from $ 35,043 on June 30 to $ 47,879 today. In the year it has gained 68 percent.

The second most popular crypto asset on the market, ethereum, went from 2,274.99 to 4,155.44 dollars, which means a gain of 82.7% in said period, in addition to accumulating a yield of 473.8 percent in 2021.

According to the coinmarketcap page, the cryptocurrency market went from $ 1.44 trillion at the end of the first half of the year to $ 2.27 trillion as of Wednesday.

Eloisa Cadenas, founding partner of PXO, explained that there are more and more projects, more participants in the market and it is already competing with the traditional market. This is because “we see that there is a greater attraction to invest, greater adoption of cryptocurrencies, favoritism of companies with greater openness in the world of crypto assets.”

Another of the main currencies, litecoin, has only 6.8% gain in the second half of the year, while binance adds 90.2% and polkadot advances 65.8 percent.

“Although it has great moments of volatility, when investing in the cryptocurrency market you must have a long-term vision, at least three years,” commented Eloisa Cadenas.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is considered high risk due to the volatility of its assets. This Thursday, bitcoin fell 4.5%, ethereum lost 5.27%, polkadot 7.03% and binance 3.37 percent.

Cipactli Jiménez, a private investor, specified that “cryptocurrencies are assets that are affected by what happens to the rest of the market, which has not been strong enough with the same power that it had been doing in previous years.”

In addition, he added, “the panorama of the world of cryptocurrencies depends on many scenarios: the Fed, the issue with Evergrande in Asia that generates uncertainty in the market, inflation and the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He stated that “crypto assets is a market that is already within the global financial system and what happens to the latter will also impact digital assets.”


“The key word is inflation. The world economy is going through a terrible moment, and eventually that bubble can also impact cryptocurrencies, “said Cipactli Jiménez.

However, he assured, it is a trend in the long term and to break that trend there would have to be a much larger break, but “they are assets that are here to stay,” he said.

Eloisa Cadenas added that although there are specialists who assure that bitcoin could reach 100,000 dollars, “there is no time for it.”

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