Farmers in Saskatchewan have almost entirely completed seeding, according to the latest crop report for the week of June 14-20.

Good growing conditions have been reported in the southeast and east central regions where there has been rainfall and warm weather. In the western region, some much needed rain kept the crop development going and supported pasture growth.

Overall, moisture levels continue to improve as more areas of the province get rain.

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Some producers who did not get rain reported their crops are beginning to go backward in development. More rain is needed in drier areas of the province to help some crops and pasture land.

The latest report shows 73 per cent of fall cereals, 64 per cent of pulse crops, 55 per cent of spring cereals and 45 per cent of oilseed crops in the province are developing normally.

Some producers have seen substantial damage caused by flea beetles on canola crops but have been spraying when they can.

The full crop report for June 14-20 can be found here.

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