CROC Ends “Corporate Vote”; it will no longer promote the PRI among its workers

The Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Peasants (CROC) announced the end to the corporate vote they gave to the PRI, in order to give way to the freedom of workers to join and participate in the political organization that adheres to their interests and with it comply with “the new times” attached to the labour reform.

In an interview with The Economist, the Secretary General of the CROC, Isaías González Cuevas, stated that from the labour reform May 2019, the union began with a profound change and modified the statutes to give greater freedom and transparency for workers who wish to participate in the political life of the country.

He stressed that “corporatism is no longer allowed, it was prohibited and the CROC has to adjust the statute to the laws of the parties and also respecting what the law says. Federal Labor Law so that there is full freedom for the comrades to choose the party that best suits them, ”said González Cuevas.

After noting that the CROC launched a campaign to end the employer protection contracts, the union leader explained that the times in which they offered the political party a certain number of votes, “is behind us.”

Therefore, “this is something that is left to the comrades in full freedom to make use of their vote for the candidates they want and who have already been doing it, in fact; however, it was necessary to make it clear and that which was embodied in the statutes that said we militate with “x” party, now no longer; That is already removed, it is annulled, for what? To respect what the Law of Parties says, it is something important, “he said.

Protection contracts disappearing

The also ex-PRI deputy, said that the sectors where there were greater protection contracts were in services, commerce, gastronomy, restaurants; “And we started to fight them, but it has not been easy, there is still resistance because there are lawyers who say that nothing will happen if the contracts are not legitimized, but it is important that they know that a contract that does not go through this process will be dissolved and someone will arrive more to request ownership “.

He highlighted that “they (employers) have the culture of the protection contract, but we have acted directly with the workers and have made the employers understand directly what the Federal labor law it determines that and it has to be carried out ”.

If the workers are left without a union, it is important that the employers know, “they are going to see which union organization they join or make their union with, then they will see a union effervescence from May 2023, which surely many colleagues and comrades who are going to be left without a union and without a contract because they are going to have to find a way to organize themselves in some of those who are or are going to make their own union, one or two who want ”.

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