Cremades and Calvo-Sotelo, this is the law firm that will audit abuses in the Church

The relationship between the Episcopal Conference and the law firm Cremades and Calvo-Sotelo has emerged “now”, as a result of the latest known cases of abuse of minors in the religious sphere, and will be formalized this Tuesday with thethe presentation of “an independent audit” on the denunciations of cases of sexual abuses that have occurred.

Sources from the law firm have told EL PERIÓDICO that his choice for this task is due to the “muscle” that has been shown in various class action lawsuits, among which stand out those of the 12,500 affected by the closure of the air space that caused the air traffic controllers’ strike in 2010 or those of the small investors who saw their savings with Bankia or Banco Popular lost. In the case of the entity that emerged from Caja Madrid, the firm represented 700 affected by the losses suffered by its IPO.

They also remember that its president and founder, Javier Cremadeswas also named president of the Global Alliance of Madoff Lawyers which was established on February 17, 2009 by 34 law firms from more than 21 countries. In the criminal proceedings against Bernie Madoff, he ended up being sentenced to 150 years in prison for what is considered the largest pyramid scheme in history.

In the joint convocation of the Episcopal Conference and the Cremades law firm, it is stated that this “will open a independent channel to receive possible complaintswill check the legal procedures aimed at sanctioning criminal practices and will offer its collaboration to the authorities to help clarify the facts and establish a prevention system that meets social demands in this regard.”

Girauta and Cebrian

In addition to that muscle in procedures with multiple injured parties to seek compensation, Javier Cremades is also the executive president of the Madrid Vivo Foundation, created in 2011 by Cardinal Antonio María Rouco Varela for the World Youth Day that was held in Madrid that year, according to the digital Confidential Religion. As honorary president is the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Carlos Osoro.

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The foundation defines itself on its website as “a citizen and business platform conceived to promote values ​​that are at the root of our culture” and as “a bridge between civil society and the Church of Madrid to help the latter in those activities that allow revitalizing universal values ​​within today’s society”.

Among the employers who are part of its executive committee are the former Minister of Justice Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon and the former president of Grupo Prisa and former director of ‘El País’ Juan Luis Cebrian. It so happens that the journalist, who reported having been a victim of abuse at the Pilar school in Madrid where he studied, has been part of the advisory board of the Cremades y Calvo-Sotelo law firm since 2018. Last December, the exporter of Ciudadanos also joined the firm as a partner Juan Carlos Girauta.

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