Credit thanks to cryptocurrencies? Btiso and Addem Capital sign an alliance to finance entrepreneurs

Although the market for cryptocurrencies It has been marked by the decline in its value, this has not stopped the creation of initiatives with these products to reach more people and now, the Bitso exchange has signed an alliance with the Addem Capital fund to be able to provide financing via these instruments.

This Thursday June 2, bitso announced its alliance with debt fund focused on the Latin American market, in order to facilitate financing for entrepreneurs in the Latin American region through cryptocurrencies.

“We understand the great opportunity that cryptocurrencies offer us to revolutionize various sectors, giving entrepreneurs access to tools of investment and capital in a faster, simpler and more transparent way, allowing its local development to prosper in a global economy”, said Carlos Lovera, Business Development leader at Bitso.

According to the Mexican exchange, with operations in Brazil, Argentina and Colombiain the next 24 months Addem Capital expects to receive around 120 million dollars of financing in cryptocurrencies, resources that could come from institutional investors in Europe, the United States or Mexico.

In this sense, the Btiso It will work as the platform to receive the funds in cryptocurrencies and convert them into local fiduciary currencies that each entrepreneur needs.

“This action facilitates the distribution of funds and guarantees access to fast, low-cost and scalable debt capital for entrepreneurs looking for opportunities through Addem Capital”, highlighted Bitso.

He also added that through this alliance Addem Capital becomes the first fund in the region to receive funding through Decentralized Finance protocols (DeFi=, after having closed a first funding line with Goldfinch.

“The cryptocurrencies and DeFi protocols have the potential to become an engine for financial inclusion in Latin America… Our model intrinsically has some operational complexity, cryptocurrencies come to revolutionize the model through which we operate. To achieve the correct integration of this new liquidity engine, we need allies, such as Bitso, that guarantee the quality, security, and transparency that we seek,” said Pedro Cetina, co-founder and managing partner of Addem Capital.

According to Bitso, the potential of DeFi protocols begins to set precedents, since only in January 2022 the total amount of decentralized loans with cryptocurrencies exceeded 4,000 million dollars.

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