Credipyme will present an operational alliance with a fintech

In 2021 we have remained afloat despite the pandemic. Our objective was to support our clients that we have already had for several years and we decided not to risk capital with new loans, as stated by Rafael Solórzano Kruker, president of the Board of Directors of Unión de Crédito Credipyme.

In an interview with El Economista, Solórzano said that they are focusing on what remittances are, “we are making an alliance with a fintech and working with many productive projects in the towns that need it so much.

“For 2022 we have fabulous expectations, we will have a very important growth, we are going to increase capital in a relevant way and soon we will become one of the largest Credit Unions in Mexico”, commented the president of the Board of Directors of the entity.


Solórzano considered that the most important risks are those of past due loans, therefore, they spoke with each of their borrowers to support them and that they could better face the damage they suffered from the situation that caused the Covid-19 pandemic. “It has not been easy for everyone and the most important thing is to help each other.”

He said that delinquencies have been low, since they have only struggled with two clients, who are already starting to regularize.

Rafael Solórzano commented that one of the problems they have faced is that some shell companies have used the name of the Credit Union and offer loans. “We already cover ourselves legally because if it is very delicate, they ask for an advance and they keep the advance for the opening of credit, they deceive people in an impressive way. We had to go to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) to file the lawsuits.

“We have an area specialized in cyber protection, we have a technician who is checking that there are no cyber attacks or a failure. We have made a good partnership with a company that is taking care of all the information on alternate servers, it is difficult for us to have a cyber attack, although it is not impossible, but that is very difficult ”.

Second floor banking

The director of the Credit Union mentioned that Credipyme already participates with development banking through Instituted Trusts in Relation to Agriculture (FIRA) and Nacional Financiera, “it is not easy to enter with second-tier banking, because there are many requirements, however, when you have completed everything, it is easier to access the funding lines ”.

Financing options

“Where we have done very well is in the leasing of medical equipment, where we have between 60-70% of the portfolio, mainly of tomographs, X-rays, magnetic resonance, among others. The rest of the portfolio is in other types of loans, such as simple and refactional, ”said Rafael Solórzano.

He recalled that they went from being a Credit Union that was focused on fishing (before the owner of Tuny), now it is a multiple entity, and in a greater volume they have dedicated themselves to loans for doctors, hospitals and laboratories.

“As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the lease increased, although we were very cautious in other types of loans to be very careful, since our industry was very deteriorated,” concluded Solórzano.

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