Creative holidays, by Albert Espinosa

Article 741. The other day I read about a syndrome called “The one with the timid intestine & rdquor; which is about people who can only relieve themselves at home because if they go outside, their gut is somehow reserved and they don’t feel comfortable. I told a friend of mine that he can never do anything outside his home and he found the positive side of it because he told me that it is a way of knowing that you have a home. Maybe that would be a nicer name: “Home Syndrome & rdquor ;.

This same friend has a beautiful theory about holidays, he is a painter and always works on very special days because he believes in the muses, and therefore & mldr; Well, I almost told you about it after the best of my week.

Third place. ‘Infiltrated person’ (TV-3). This show has an energy of its own and is addictive. Chapter of Óscar Andreu It was full of humor and creates a perfect synergy between family and guest. I have no doubt that it can continue to evolve to find up to two infiltrators.

Second place. ‘The lighthouse’, a beautiful song of Tyna Ros. He has that unique energy that permeates all his songs, full of tenderness and hope. I recommend that you start with her with her beautiful song ‘Yellow’.

First position. ‘300 shouts’. Marina Rossell creates in his 25 album a wonder for the senses. A work so beautiful that you can’t stop listening to it in a loop because it is like a perfect and harmonious circle. Thanks for so much magic.

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And what my painter friend told me is that he only works hard on holidays or long bridges, at Easter, Christmas or New Year’s Eve & mldr; And he does it because he believes that there are counted muses who contribute ideas to creators and that when there are holidays many people do not work and he takes advantage of those days so that the muses illuminate only him.

It has always seemed a very romantic and beautiful idea to me and I have been doing the same for years because I think the muses of painting and writing They are different and so I don’t steal yours. Happy creative bridge!

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