Crazy days in pharmacies for ART to children: “I dream of antigen tests”

The week back to school has been an extra workload for the pharmacy Catalans, especially those adhered to the supervised antigen test program, who perform ART on schoolchildren in whose classrooms there is a positive classmate. In three days, they have carried out more than 23,000 tests on students and teachers, according to data from the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona. A burden they have patiently borne to face the confusion of families on the one hand, already slowness of the CatSalut computer system, which is where both the electronic prescriptions of the tests and their results are uploaded.

In the Thomas Aegean Pharmacy, Wednesday afternoon was crazy: 20 children in 2 hours, plus the rest of the clientele. To make matters worse, the computer system “wasn’t working. It collapsed and didn’t load data,” explains Lourdes Egea. It also didn’t help that families, nervous, went to the pharmacy as soon as they received the notice from the school but without yet having the quiz recipe. It tells the case of a mother who came Wednesday afternoon with her two children. They didn’t have the recipe. They came back on Thursday morning and neither. In the end, on Thursday afternoon, they were able to take the test. “It is not necessary to run or come the first day & rdquor ;, he advises. Salut gives four days of margin. Children can go to school in any case. And this pharmacist points out that “it is better to wait for the third day, because if there is a viral load, it will be higher.”

“It’s been a crazy few days. I dream of antigen tests & rdquor ;, confesses Egea. On Thursday the situation had improved after Salut implemented improvements to the program.

“Everything will get better”

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“These days have been tough. We have all had to adapt to the new protocol very quickly. There has been a lot of confusion from families, who came without even having the prescription, thinking that without the test the child would not be able to go to school. The computer system has not been as agile as needed. But we are in an exceptional situation and we are all giving an exceptional response & rdquor ;, he pointed out, for his part, Núria Bosch, vice president of the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona.

Bosch also points out that everything has coincided with a high incidence of infections. “We have had a lot of work that adds to the notification of home positives, the day-to-day care of users and the sick leave that we also suffer & rdquor ;. He trusts that once families’ doubts have been clarified and the CatSalut computer system has been improved, in the next few days “everything will improve.”

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