Cozumel citizens protect themselves against the fourth vessel dock

Cancun, QR. Citizens of Cozumel represented by the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (Cemda) opposed the construction of the fourth vessel dock which is intended to be built on the island.

Miriam Moreno, from Coral Hero, confirmed that the amparo was included in the Power of attorney and they wait for what the judges decide.

Despite civil opposition, the Marine Secretary, was one of the first to give him the operating concession to the dock, as it has the powers of maritime and port authority, which previously Secretariat of Communication and Transport (SCT), in June last year.

The new pier will be built outside the boundaries of the current port area, on a 58,729,803-square-foot piece of land in the federal zone, adjacent to Rafel E. Melgar Avenue.

The activists and environmentalists claim that the construction of this work has their right to a healthy environmentFirst, they ensure that there are already enough vessels on the island, with seven world-class dock positions, making one more dock unnecessary.

They expect that if a fourth structure of this type is built, “the dock of Cancer Tip will become a white elephant and they add that the new job will not generate more jobs, but simply those in Punta Langosta before the pandemic.

“A fourth pier will further reduce the coastal areas for public use in Cozumel, it will mean the expropriation of our marine areas where we tourist and leisure activities; it will increase the supply of vessels mooring and making the island cheaper, instead of positioning it as a world-class destination ”, they specify in recitals 6, 7 and 8 of the statement.

They also argue that the arrival of 18,000 more tourists to the island, as assumed if the pier is built, will generate wastewater that is not San Miguelito Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“More vessels mean less drinking water, more solid waste and residual water; they change the coast and weaken the marine flora and fauna of Cozumel”, in addition to ensuring that the economic revival this will be achieved when the vessels return, not when more docks are built.

According to data provided by environmentalists, occupancy of the three vessels in 2019 was barely 53%, so a fourth dock would reduce it even more when the tourism recovery, in addition to the road problems that will arise from the new structure.

In terms of the impact on the environment, they emphasize that species protected under NOM-059 will be destroyed, in addition to serious problems for navigation and emerging marine rescue activities.

Among the environmental associations that oppose the project are Heaven, Earth and Sea (Citymar), Mayab Ecologist Group, More vibrant and healthier mangroves, Coral reef repairas well as private companies such as Sand Dollar Sport Duik.

Miriam Moreno, of the Coral Hero Association, stated that in addition to the protection, the project is now also in the court of the Cozumel City Council, which has in its hands the decision to authorize the construction license or not to start work .

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