Cox Energy prepares dual listing of shares in the Spanish market

In order to increase marketability and exposure in the securities markets, Cox Energy América (Coxa), a company in the photovoltaic solar energy sector, prepares a dual listing of its shares in the Spanish market.

“The dual listing will allow us to access more investors, seeking to increase the visibility and marketability of the share and to be able to offer a greater return to our shareholders. The company has the structure and elements to operate actively, both in the Mexican stock market, as in Spanish, “said José Antonio Hurtado, general director of the station.

Cox informed that the listing of its shares will be in BME Growth of Spain (formerly the Alternative Stock Market), aimed at small capitalization companies seeking to expand and is managed by Spanish Stock Exchanges and Markets and supervised by the National Securities Market Commission.

With a dual listing, companies can be listed and listed on two exchanges without the need to carry out a public offer for the sale or subscription of shares or increase the share capital.

Cox Energy America’s shares are listed on the Institutional Stock Exchange (Biva) and trade at 31.53 pesos each, reflecting a drop of 5.60% this year.

The first company that was listed in Biva was precisely Cox in July 2020 and through its Initial Public Offering it raised 452.7 million pesos, placing 15% of the company. The starting price was 31.41 pesos.

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