Covid-19: school vaccination flops

The academies were put in working order before the start of the school year to organize the vaccination against covid of middle and high school students, but the returns are at least timid at this stage. While the health pass has just entered into force for adolescents over twelve years and two months, the Ministry of Health identifies “23,800 injections in schools since 1er September “, on September 26, he informed the World, while judging the campaign “Dynamic” given the number of establishments in which it is deployed.

As of September 30, 6,758 middle and high schools – out of 10,700 – have offered a vaccination course to their students. That is to say a little more than 60% of the establishments, according to the ministry for national education. Jean-Michel Blanquer made a commitment before the start of the school year to ensure that students and staff have access to the vaccine “In all colleges and high schools in France”. The minister had given until the All Saints holidays to establishments to organize themselves, but many are already and have had at least the first doses administered. The procedures vary from one territory to another: mobile teams within middle and high schools or transport of students to existing vaccination centers.

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The room for maneuver of schools is not so great, it is true. Since the vaccination has been open to 12-17 year olds since June 15, more than 60% of them already had a dose of vaccine at the start of the school year. Today, more than 72% and 64% have a complete vaccination schedule. “It doesn’t matter whether the vaccination takes place in schools or elsewhere. The important thing is that the adolescent vaccination rate continues to increase ”, we assure the Ministry of National Education, which insists on the role of ” sensitization ” played by middle and high schools. A small minority remains in any case irreparably resistant, as in the general population. Most of the school principals interviewed received a few letters from anti-vaccine parents urging them to respect their choice.

Organizational constraints

The colleges and high schools have worked to inform their students from the first days of the start of the school year. Very quickly, school leaders realized “A weak adhesion of families”. SNPDEN-Unsa, the main union of school leaders, assessed it between “2% and 8% depending on the territory”. “Families have taken their disposal outside of schools”, complete Franck Antraccoli, general secretary of the ID-FO union.

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