COVID ASSESSMENT | 1901 Quebecers are currently hospitalized due to the virus; the balance sheet records 35 additional deaths.

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In short:

  • 772 new cases, for a total of 1,053,409 people infected*;
  • 35 new deaths, for a total of 15,178 deaths;
  • 6,463 healthcare workers absent for COVID-related reasons (preventive withdrawal, isolation, awaiting results, etc.);
  • 1,901 hospitalizations, a decrease of 9 compared to the previous day;
    • 99 new entries,
    • 108 new releases;
  • 66 people in intensive care, a number that remained stable compared to the previous day;
    • 12 new entries,
    • 12 new releases;
  • 11,217 samples taken on May 8;
  • 205,929 self-declared rapid tests so far, including 168,604 positive: 648 declared for the day yesterday, including 558 positive.

*Remember that the number of cases listed is not representative of the situation since access to screening centers is restricted to priority clienteles.

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