Covid-19 Quarter: Mexico has 475 new deces and 44,902 contagios in the last 24 hours

The Secret of Health reported that the number of bankruptcies caused by Covid-19 in Mexico ascending to 303,776, place to be notified 475 new decesos. It is the highest number of defunct figures recorded since October 2021.

The last occasion the federal dependency reported more than 400 new deaths from the coronavirus was on October 20, when it reported 424 decesos.

In the technical report diario about the advance of the epidemic in the country it is detailed that this March is registraron 44,902 nuevos contagios de Covid-19because the accumulated cases increased by 4 million 730,669 infections.

The sanitary authorities estimate 293,602 active cases, that is, persons who presented Covid-19 cases in the last 14 days.

Health Secretariat observes “tendency to swim” in contagios

On January 25, the Secretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, made sure that he registered a distribution of contagios in the market of the quarter of Covid-19 that enforces the countries from which he initiated. el 2022.

“Our conocida curves epidemic of seminal segregation us from a date that is preliminary, but if it is around it is maintained as a trend. In the first semesters of 2022, there will be very rapid changes in the number of cases debited in the presence of the Ómicron variant as the respondent in Mexico; sin embargo, in the week epidemiologic number four, that is that abrió have left us an increment of 12%; this is a sustainable change, it is believed that there will be a change in the trend and this will reduce the number of active cases to 5.9%; is, insistence, must take with cautela, the information in real time, per mantenerse powder will be a change in the tendency to crime, because it reduces the amount of crime of the epidemic ”, says the official.

The Secretary of State insists that in Mexico the largest number of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infections has been recorded since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, no hospitals have been shown to have sustained increment of bankruptcies.

The occupancy of general beds is 44%, a percentage point higher than the one reported; while the beds with fan for serious patients of Covid-19 have an occupation of 26 per cent.

Vacation against Covid-19 in Mexico

As of March 24, the Secretariat of Health has applied for 380,097 vacancies against Covid-19, raising the total to 161 million 466,948 total doses administered since initiating the National Vacation Plan on December 24, 2020.

The federal government details that 83 million 349,759 people have been inoculated against the coronavirus, of the 76 million 618,411 people have completed a dose of one dose, depending on the type of biology applied.


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