COVID-19: Ontarians Struggle for Rapid Antigen Tests in Provincial Christmas Test Blitz | The Canadian News

Ontarians are scrambling to gain access to rapid tests in emerging locations across the province after the provincial government today launched its Christmas test blitz.

Dan Jelly says he went to a pop-up site in Hamilton, Ontario this morning to pick up some evidence in time for the holidays, which he plans to celebrate with his extended family.

Jelly says she lined up with a few hundred people to run rapid antigen tests at a pop-up site outside the Dundurn Castle landmark, but was told they were finished in less than half an hour.

On her way to work this morning, Jacqueline Vincent says she passed a swarm of people outside the emerging Richmond-Adelaide Center site in downtown Toronto.

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Vincent, who has already gotten some free quick tests at his workplace, says there seemed to be several hundred people lined up downtown trying to get some quick tests.

Prime Minister Doug Ford has said the province is making millions of free rapid tests available at pop-up sites across the province and has asked the federal government for more.

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