COVID-19: new relaxations from Monday

Quebec is continuing its “soft” deconfinement as new relaxations come into effect on Monday.

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First, all businesses in the province will be able to operate at 100% capacity.

In restaurants, reservations for activities of a social nature (receptions, banquets, etc.) will be permitted with the presentation of the vaccination passport for groups of a maximum of 50 people. For the dining rooms, the limit of 50% of the reception capacity continues to apply.

On the cultural level, performance halls will no longer be obliged to limit themselves to 500 people in their establishment. However, the 50% capacity rule remains in place.

The resumption of congresses, assemblies and meetings with a limit of 50% of the capacity or a limit of 500 people is also authorized.

In places of worship, the maximum number of people authorized increases from 250 to 500. The rule of 50% of the capacity must however be respected.

When displaying the body or ashes of a deceased person and expressing condolences to loved ones, a maximum of 50 people at a time will be possible.

The Legault government made these announcements on February 8.

Vaccination passport

In addition, the vaccination passport will no longer be required in places of worship and for funerals.

Its use had already been withdrawn in supermarkets, SAQs and SQDCs on February 16.

Visits to RPAs

Finally, in private residences for seniors (RPA), a maximum of 10 residents can sit at the same table in the dining rooms.

The limit of two visitors or caregivers per day (only one at a time) will be lifted and replaced by a “recommended” maximum of 10 people. Visitors will also recover access to common areas as long as they respect basic health rules.


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