The atmosphere may have been festive, during the first day of his trip to the Hautes-Pyrénées, Emmanuel Macron fully accepts the strong method he used to cope with the upsurge in Covid-19. “I have no moods”, he assured several journalists, including The world, Thursday July 15, after having followed a mountain stage of the Tour de France, between Pau and Luz Ardiden.

Three days after his speech, during which he presented a series of measures to impose vaccination, the Head of State considers it justified to resort to coercion. “While we have the vaccine, we cannot take the risk of giving the virus the slightest chance”, he said.

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Faced with the very rapid progression of the Delta variant, which threatens to wave a fourth wave on hospitals, the President of the Republic considers that it is his responsibility to put pressure on the non-vaccinated, in order to reach the as soon as possible a form of collective immunity. “We have a vaccine that is effective, including on the Delta variant, we have the doses, the organization… The question now is to reach all people. It is a challenge of conviction, logistics, on which I have good hope and which presupposed these few rules that I decreed on Monday., he argued. When you have the weapons, you cannot deliberately decide not to use them. “

“Freedoms always suppose duties”

Unlike the first waves, the fact of having the vaccine weapon makes him say that the country should not “Not to go from unreasonable optimism to fear”. Rather, he camps on a center line, calling for a “Cautious optimism”. ” Optimism “, because with nearly 9 million doses in stock, not counting upcoming orders, the way forward is known to see the end of the tunnel.

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But the “Caution” remainder of the bet, because “We do not control everything” with this unpredictable virus, which “Can reflash very quickly”, warned the head of state. “And we do not control the appearance of other variants either”, he added, stressing that “The slower we are” to be vaccinated, “The more chances we give” variants to diffuse. Hence his call to “Continue the effort on vaccination” this summer. And do not “Especially not to relax”, for ” consolidate “ the dynamics recorded since his intervention. According to the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, ” 3 million “ appointments have been made since Monday.

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