Covid-19 in France: 3,000 classes closed ten days after the start of the school year, announces Jean-Michel Blanquer

Ten days after a new school year marked by the Covid-19 epidemic, “A little over 3,000” classes are closed, declared Monday, September 13, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer. This corresponds to just over 0.5% of the 540,000 classes in the country, but the figure is growing exponentially, he warned in a statement. interview at Parisian-Today in France.

On Tuesday, the minister had indeed declared before the National Assembly that 545 classes were closed. “We expect it to increase over the next few days and then stabilize, before dropping down, if it follows the curve we have had each time we return from vacation”, underlined Mr. Blanquer, specifying that this was the pattern observed in Reunion Island, where the students made their return two weeks ahead of the rest of France.

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The Minister also announced that “67% of 12-17 year olds have had a dose [de vaccin], and 54% are fully vaccinated ” against Covid-19. “By the end of the month, all the students will have had a proposal through their establishment, and we hope to exceed three quarters of vaccinated very quickly”, he added.

Back to school this Monday in the West Indies and Guyana

To organize this second start of the school year under Covid-19, the ministry had retained the level 2 health protocol (out of four), which authorizes all students to be welcomed in person and requires them to wear a mask indoors, except in kindergarten. A case of Covid-19 in an elementary school class leads to a closure, as in June. On the other hand, in the event of contamination in middle or high school, only students with unvaccinated contact cases must isolate themselves for a week.

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Faced with a fourth unprecedented wave of contamination, the executive announced, on August 25, the postponement of the re-entry in the West Indies and Guyana. The pupils concerned will thus find the school benches on Monday, ten days after their classmates. In French Guiana, the health protocol has been further strengthened, and level 4 has been introduced in areas classified as red: courses given partially at a distance for students of 4e and 3e, with gauges at 50% in middle and high school. On the other hand, the re-entry in the rest of Guyana will take place under a level 2 protocol. In the West Indies, lessons will also resume on Monday, but will mostly be taught remotely for at least two weeks.

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