Covid-19: Christiane Taubira considers that she has “no vocation” to call for vaccination in Guyana


Former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira refused, Thursday, September 23, to call on the population of Guyana, where she is from, to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Asked about RTL on the reasons why she did not launch an appeal to be massively vaccinated, Mme Taubira felt that she had “Not vocation” to do it :

” I am [une] political official who is not in office and who, consequently, does not have the information which would allow him formally either to give an instruction, or to consider that in view of these information (…) I keep a responsible point. ”

Guyana remains very affected by the epidemic due to the coronavirus, with an incidence rate of 498 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and an increase in hospitalizations on September 21, according to the regional health agency. Only 29.6% of Guyanese aged 12 and over were fully vaccinated as of September 15, compared to 81.7% of the eligible population for the whole of France, according to figures from Public Health France.

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Question of legitimacy

As he was pointed out that this position was ” easy “ , the former member of Guyana – whose word is considered strong – argued that it was precisely “Because this word [était] strong “ what “Do not [décrédibiliserait] not “.

“The question of the weight, the legitimacy, the credibility of public speech is a real question. ”

In this regard, “Appoint a mediator” would be ” responsible “, “Because obviously there is no more capacity for understanding between the official word, the authorities on the spot” and the Guyanese, she said. “Before making the Guyanese feel guilty, the Guyanese must take and take seriously the issue of health”, further estimated Mme Taubira.

Emphasizing the remoteness of Guyana from the metropolis, she further argued “That we do not [pouvait] not do the same analysis “ for the two territories, where vaccination rates are “Practically opposite”.

These words did not fail to react. “I have very many disagreements with Taubira, which everyone knows, but his refusal to substitute for individuals in their CHOICE to be vaccinated or not is courageous and should be saluted as such! “, said on Twitter the president of the Les Patriotes party, Florian Philippot. The former right-hand man of Marine Le Pen, who has become one of the most committed figures against the health pass and the government’s health strategy, also called on the former Keeper of the Seals to come and explain his position “In demonstration Saturday if she wishes it”.

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