Covid-19 Brote in Hong Kong exposes cases of its quarantine system

La larga quarantine taxpayers traveling to Hong Kong have been questioned since the appearance of a Covid-1 brote9 who commenced with a woman who was staying in a hotel where she was staying very late in the territory.

Hong Kong maintains a “close agreement” strategy, in line with the policy that imposes continental China. This strategy has allowed it to maintain a very high level of contagion, but it also has to do with the practice of this financial center of the rest of the world.

The Jews, the local executive jefa, Carrie Lamannouncing that the 21-day tax levy will affect the majority of travelers who travel to Hong Kong will be reduced to 14 days, starting with the shortest incubation period of the omicron variant, which is now dominant.

But in the last few days an important focal point has been detected in a social life cycle following the contagion of a woman who flew from Pakistan, just in front of her salute from one of the 40 hotels receiving travelers traveling abroad.

Some Hong Kong experts point out that the long duration of the quarantine, which is one of the most extensive at the world level, can increase the risk of “crude contamination”.

“Hotels reserved for quarantine do not respond to expectations and travelers are exposed to Covid-19,” said Siddharth Sridhar, an expert in microbiology at the University of Hong Kong.

Ben Cowling, epidemiologist of the same university affirmative action from time to time that the place of 21 days is not justified from a scientific point of view and represents some risks.

In the last few months, various cases of infected infections were detected in hotels, but all powdered ones were detected before the people who were salaried from the installations.

“It’s not surprisingly, it’s an epidemic. What’s surprising is that it has passed months in its cases,” Cowling said, referring to the cases of the second semester of 2021.

“Creo que nestro capital de suerte se agotó”, afirmó.

The Hong Kong governor said that the policy would be co-ordinated with the support of the large part of the population, but there were various indications as to the opposite sentiment.

Fuga de talentos

Following a study conducted in January by the Honk Kong Democratic Party, 65% of the population of this “convivate with the virus”, a 42% that affirmed this post in November.

But at the moment, the governing body has not shown any sign of wanting to abandon this strategy.

The bargaining sector, without embarrassment, is sounding the alarm to confirm that there is a flurry of talent and that it is raising recruitment issues.

Following a European Commercial Camera filter filtered by Bloomberg News, this territory should maintain this Islamist policy until 2024.

“We’m expecting an extras earthquake, probably the most important one Hong Kong has registered,” the driller indicated.

The British Financial Times Trading Diary indicates this week Bank of Americaa major player in the financial sector, is currently transferring its staff to Singapore.

Of the multidisciplinary demonstrations of 2019, Honk Kong’s executive aligned with Beijing in various ways, /img/2021/04/28/hong_kong_afp.png.

It takes as a priority the frontier of the frontier with continental China. Pero Pekín, who makes sporadic crimes, has not appeared.

“At a time when in 2022, to all the planet, is the end of the pandemic, in Hong Kong is the end of principle”, writes Sridhar in Facebook.

The evacuation campaign has not advanced, due to the abundance of doses. A penas un 70% of the eligible population is totally vacated against Covid-19 and less than 70 people over 70 years of age, who are the most vulnerable, are receiving doses.

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