Court dissolves ruling on the sale of weapons to persons under 21 years of age

A panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit on Wednesday struck down a July ruling on gun rights, which had flagged “unconstitutional” laws for preventing young adults under the age of 21 from buying firearms.

The context: The lawsuit against the age restrictions was brought by Natalia Marshall, who was unable to purchase a pistol from a federally licensed firearms dealer in Virginia due to her age.

  • In the July 2-1 decision, the court ruled that the minimum purchase age requirement for federally licensed gun dealers restricts the rights of citizens.
  • The legal controversy was resolved, as Marshall turned 21 before the court’s decision became official and was able to acquire the weapon.
  • Marshall’s attorney had attempted to add an additional, younger plaintiff to the appeal, two days after Marshall turned 21.
  • However, the age restriction remains in force after the judgment is annulled.
  • Elliott Harding, who represents Marshall, said Wednesday that he will not give up.

What do they say? “Despite efforts to add plaintiffs and reframe their alleged injuries, it is too late to revive this case. Therefore, it should be dismissed as moot, ”wrote Judge Julius N. Richardson, author of the initial court opinion.

Main source of the news: The Washington Post.

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