Course adjustment has Nissan as a company facing the future with ambition: Ashwani Gupta

During his visit to Mexico, Ashwani Gupta, chief operating officer of Nissan Motor Corporation, spoke of the importance and strategic role of our country in the global scenario for the corporation. In addition to announcing the launch of cleaner and more efficient technology in the product offering, he explained the actions that the corporation is undertaking to face the future.

Promising future for America

In the first place, the executive recalled the transformation of the plant in Canton, Mississippi, in which 500 million dollars will be invested to produce 100% electric models of Nissan and Infiniti from 2025. For Mexico, not only is the arrival of cleaner technology but also ambitious leadership plans: “Mexico will be the first country to have e-Power technology. For us it is not about Japan, Europe, China or North America but it is about Mexico and that is why it will be presented in May 2022. It is fair that Mexico is part of the Ambition 2030 plan because it is part of this map of electrification, automation features and all this connected technology. Mexico is part of this global technology. Mexico is seen by Nissan Global as one of the top 5 countries, which are significantly important for their profits because they have such an important market share.”

He added that Nissan Global looks at the behavior of the Mexican market to prepare a strong and well-configured product offensive to maintain the high participation. “Nissan does not use Mexico as a base to export, 40% of production is for the local market, so when we make our products for national customers, it means that we incorporate all their behavior in our products and technologies. This is part of the strength that Nissan Mexico has. And then, of course, there is the 60% that is exported, but that 40% is very important to us and that is why Nissan globally is focusing on this 40% so that it becomes more and more robust.”

He said that Mexico aspires to become the number one market in electrification in Latin America, having some of the characteristics of Pro Pilot technology because it will lead connectivity and digitization in the region.

nissan next

Business transformation for Nissan enabled it to achieve healthier finances globally. “The first pillar of Nissan Next was to align, downsize our capacity to our reality and we decided to produce 5.4 million, a market share of 6% (which is our capacity today), while the total volume is 90 million. We had to make difficult decisions in terms of leaving some markets, taking out models, and we adapted and at that time our goal was to basically reach 3 billion dollars in profit and in half a year we have achieved more than 3.5 billion dollars. And that’s where we decided to stop.”

He also mentioned that difficult decisions were made in this restructuring plan, such as abandoning some markets or the exit of certain models and focusing on the main markets and products. The result was an increase in net income of 11 percent.

customer decision

Ashwani Gupta also detailed the Nissan Ambition 2030 plan in which electrification will aim to launch 23 cars powered by electricity. He also said that Nissan’s purpose is to enrich people’s lives and foster innovation. Regarding electrification, he stated that “we are going to allow the client to decide how a natural consequence of electrification is the right option. For us, electrification is not an objective, it is a consequence. Nissan’s role in electrification is how we make the customer’s choice or decision naturally easier towards electric. That is what we are going to do, we are not going to decide from today to tomorrow “we will only make electric cars” because the customer is the one who has to decide”.

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