Couple married in shelter in Ukraine amid ongoing war

Even in war-torn Ukraine, celebrations of love are still unfolding.

On Saturday, a couple got married in a refugee shelter in Dnipro, Ukraine, the bride wearing a donated dress and guests in jeans crowding into the shelter to wish them well.

The shelter, which is a former hotel that was initially slated for demolition prior to Russia’s invasion of the country, specifically houses those who have had to flee their cities or homes but haven’t left Ukraine. Dnipro is around 300 kilometers away from Mariupol.

Close to eight million people have been internally displaced within Ukraine, and Sergii and Polina are two of them. They had to flee their home of Rubizhne, a city in the eastern Donbas region that has suffered near constant bombardment.

The couple decided not to let the destruction around them get in the way of their love. Footage of their makeshift wedding shows them standing under an archway decorated with purple flowers to take their vows, and walking into a small reception room to the sound of applause.

“There is love — even in war,” Polina told CTV News.



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