County of Simcoe to receive $1.9 M investment to help the community’s homeless

A significant investment is coming to the County of Simcoe with plans to help the community’s homeless.

It’s a million dollar investment the County said would help mitigate the pandemic’s impacts and the effect it has had on homelessness.

It’s the fifth phase of support by the Ontario government as part of its Social Services Relief Fund, with the County receiving $1.9 million.

A portion of the funding is expected to support the transition of emergency shelter spaces in motels.

The temporary motel program was put in place at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to ease capacity pressures at a time when social distancing was key to keeping people safe.

Starting June 30, that program is slated to end, so the County said it would work with community partners, such as the Busby Center and Elizabeth Fry Society to develop long-term programming.

The County said it would also use part of the funding to support staffing levels and purchase PPE and cleaning supplies.

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