Costa Rica declares vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory for children and adolescents

Vaccination against Covid-19 will be mandatory for the entire underage population in Costa Rica, said the Ministry of Health of the Central American nation, one of the first in the world to take that step to advance in containing the pandemic.

Along with polio, chickenpox and human papilloma, Covid-19 is one of the diseases included in the vaccination list declared basic by the Costa Rican authorities, although for now the drug used in the country is only medically authorized for people over 5 years of age.

“The basic vaccination scheme has allowed many of the viruses that cause suffering and health consequences, and even fatalities, to be removed in the underage population. That is why the National Vaccination Commission ratified the vaccine against Covid-19 as mandatory“Health Minister Daniel Salas said in a message to the media on Friday.

The announcement is given in moments of decrease in infections, hospitalizations and deaths by the coronavirus in the country that, since March 2020, accumulates 7,134 fatalities related to Covid-19.

73% of the adolescent population (12 to 19 years old) has received at least one dose of the vaccine, as part of the immunization plan that already covers 72.6% of the inhabitants, one of the highest percentages in America.

At least 54% of the 5.1 million Costa Ricans have the complete scheme.

Other measures that the Costa Rican authorities have implemented are the mandatory vaccination for public employees, the possibility that employers require it from their workers and the prohibition of entry of unvaccinated people to restaurants, shops and leisure places.

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